There are bags to be travelled with once, and others for all time; bags for escapades, and others for heading back home; bags that make their own minds up, and bags that play hard to get; bags to be hidden, and others to be sported. There are bags which will never be abandoned, and others that have already been forgotten. Then there is THE bag: the one that makes a mark, becoming both faithful and discreet, and thus part of daily existence: for school, work, anywhere. For life, in fact. Even if it means putting beauty in the useful, L/UNIFORM is inviting itself into your home with simple items, a way to be pleased to catch up with yourself each and every day.

Our customisation services

And because everyone is free to invent their own, L/UNIFORM allows you to personalise your bag or small leather goods. By printing the canvas or marking the leather with the ultimate detail: a number or a monogram. It's up to you to compose your own. Choose from one to three characters (letters and/or numbers), then select one of L/UNIFORM's cheerful colours. Custom-made L/UNIFORM badges will allow you to personalise your L/UNIFORM items.


Canvas & leather

The fabric is made of linen and cotton, or cotton depending on the colour. Light, supple and resistant, it is also washable, water-repellent and stain-resistant thanks to environmentally friendly treatments. The leather is a full grain calf, dyed in the mass to guarantee the uniformity of the colour, then treated with a "water drop" to increase its waterproofing.


L’ensemble de notre gamme est conçu à Carcassonne, dans les ateliers de la manufacture, par des artisans hautement qualifiés. Formés au sein de L/Uniform, ils perpétuent des pratiques et des savoir-faire exigeants. Les articles sont ensuite fabriqués dans nos propres ateliers, principalement en Europe : Un outil de production, rigoureux et parfaitement coordonné, permet de piloter et de contrôler la fabrication des séries comme des commandes particulières dans des délais réalistes et maîtrisés. Le contrôle final de l’ensemble de nos pièces se fait à Carcassonne.


Assembler un sac, appliquer une ganse, monter un jonc, poser un monogramme : chacune de ces opérations est une suite de gestes minutieux et la précision est essentielle. Un contrôle qualité rigoureux permet de vérifier chaque article, selon un cahier des charges précis et exigeant.

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