There are bags to be travelled with once, and others for all time; bags for escapades, and others for heading back home; bags that make their own minds up, and bags that play hard to get; bags to be hidden, and others to be sported. There are bags which will never be abandoned, and others that have already been forgotten. Then there is THE bag: the one that makes a mark, becoming both faithful and discreet, and thus part of daily existence: for school, work, anywhere. For life, in fact. Even if it means putting beauty in the useful, L/UNIFORM is inviting itself into your home with simple items, a way to be pleased to catch up with yourself each and every day.


Our customisation services

And because everyone is free to invent their own, L/UNIFORM allows you to personalise your bag or small leather goods. By printing the canvas or marking the leather with the ultimate detail: a number or a monogram. It's up to you to compose your own. Choose from one to three characters (letters and/or numbers), then select one of L/UNIFORM's cheerful colours. Custom-made L/UNIFORM badges will allow you to personalise your L/UNIFORM items.