L/UNIFORM will launch their new flagship store in Marunouchi, Tokyo on April 23th

Carrousel shop photos ©Shoichi Kajino - Jeanne Signoles & Katayama Masamichi ©Wonderwall

L/UNIFORM’s first flagship store in Japan is designed by Wonderwall®, led by Masamachi Katayama, who also produced the Paris store in 2015 and the newly opened corner shop at Galeries Lafayette. The concept for each store is a “Cabinet of Wonders” designed to inspire curiosity and playful engagement.

Inside, the walls are lined with an intricate shelving system customized to the shape of each bag style. Below, the oak marquetry floor is patterned to evoke nautical pennants and the beveled lines of L/UNIFORM. A large counter table stretches across the center for personalization and special services.

“In addition to the ‘Cabinet of Wonders’ concept, we created the space as laboratory this time. The big counter table is a symbol of L/UNIFORM’s creativity and the brands appreciation for the importance of ‘craft’. Masamichi Katayama» Masamichi Katayama


3-1-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 100-0005 Japan

Du lundi au dimanche de 11h00 à 20h00
T +81 (0)3 6812 2930

B C 1 2 3

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Published on April 2019