Canvas care 

Upkeep of the canvas should be carried out regularly by dusting it down with a soft rag, a crepe eraser and a lint roller. Do not allow any stains to dry and become incrusted. 

To clean your bags, use a natural soap such as "Le détachant".

Lather the soap and brush the canvas with circular motions (be careful not to brush the leather or strap finishes). Leave for 10 minutes if stains persist. Then, remove the soap with a non-abrasive sponge, moistened with clear water, until complete rinsing and dry with a cloth (take care to keep leather parts away from water).

Let the canvas dry completely before storing or using your bag. We also recommend that you re-waterproof your item once it is completely dry.

Washing machine, or using pressure washer, or chemicals using is strictly forbidden. 

 Leather care

Our calf’s leather is full-grain, the guarantee of a high quality in a material with a regular grain, which will acquire an homogenous patina over time. It is dyed in the mass, dry-rolled for greater smoothness and treated to be protected from water. To preserve the beauty of the products, they must be kept away from moisture and any source of heat. Use a soft, clean and dry rag to clean them. If necessary, use a special natural milk colorless leather for nourishing it.

In case of return of your article, the guarantee will not be ensured if these recommendations are not respected. 


Your article can be personalized with a silkscreen-printed monogram. This technique guarantees not only a permanent, intense color but also good opacity. However, sometimes the monogram may peel since the canvas has been treated manually. If this happens, we can redo it for you without any problem. 

The repair service

The after-sales service of L/UNIFORM will be able to proceed to the repairs of wear of your articles. The repair time of an article is 3 months.
We invite you to contact us by e-mail: giving us the purchase information (name of the model and date of the order), specifying the repair to be done and attaching photos of the area to be repaired.
Your request will be studied by our after-sales service to propose the most appropriate solution.  For more information on the cleaning of your articles, we invite you to contact our Customer Service at +33 (0) 1 42 61 76 27 or, or to go to our shop L/UNIFORM 1 quai Voltaire, 75007 P