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Having a factory on a human scale is one of the principles of L/Uniform.

The woven canvases (63% cotton and 37% linen or 100% cotton for the khaki canvas) are carefully selected.

Royal blue, red, yellow, white, pink, black … the diversity of the binding and strap colors let each person compose “his” or “her” bag.

The tote bag’s handles are made of a supple cord covered in leather.

Each craftsman trains two years to learn the manufacturing process in L/Uniform’s factory.

A fine-tuned adjustmant of the sewing machines contributes to the bags’ perfect assembly and finishings.

Precise specifications guide each craftsman in the care he or she must take for each step of manufacturing : here, inserting the zipper.

Each piece requires almost fifteen different skills, the quality applied to each gesture influences the next one.

The hands-on manufacturing process allows for any possible combination of canvas, leather, edging or straps.

Though a large number of models is proposed online, any unexpected combination of colors can be made in a special order.

L/Uniform lets each person compose the model of his or her dreams by placing a special order.

It was in trying to methodically load the trunk of her car one day while leaving for vacation that Jeanne Signoles decided to create L/Uniform.

The canvas colors can play together : a khaki with military origins, a deep blue, an elegant beige, a true black, a flamboyant red …

The conception and most of the production is done in the Carcassone workshops.

The luminous, functional factory spaces have been thought out to offer a context for cooperative working.

Jeanne Signoles likes to remind us : “I create nothing, I’m simply inspired".

Each new color of leather, canvas or edging is the result of a long process of research.

Fabrics, boxes, packaging … Jeanne Signoles discovers objects in her travels throughout the world that influence her collections.

In the Carcassone showroom, a Jean Prouvé table offers a discreet homage to the great French architect and designer.

All models can be personalized by a silkscreened marking (up to three characters in eight colors) in a procedure that guarantees the intensity and opacity of the motif.

Each packaging is marked with a L/Uniform stamp.

Label, stamp, sealed envelope : the packaging is also the object of minute.

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    Woven canvas and leather : these two materials are the base of L/Uniform, a Carcassonne manufacturer whose desire is to make simple, beautiful, utilitarian, sturdy pieces. The bag collection’s ultra-functional models range from satchel to knapsack in passing by a toiletry bag, clutch, travel bag, saddle bag and tote bag. The pieces are developed in different colors, a result of Jeanne Signoles’ very personal research. Prussian blue, for example, is used instead of navy blue.

    Every piece is inspected based on precise specifications that adhere to each model’s unique quality standards.

  • These essential, light, practical and timeless pieces let loose with a touch of fantasy thanks to their colors. Not just for the canvases and leathers but especially for the edgings and handles. Their combinations can make a multitude of models. Though many already appear in the catalogue, any unique combination can be done by special order.

    L/Uniform conceives and manufactures the collection in its workshops which are primarily located in Carcassonne, France and in Portugal. From sketch to assembly and from finishings to packaging, each step of production is done by highly-skilled craftsmen who have been trained by L/Uniform. A strict, coordinated manufacturing method allows the company to manage and control the production of series or special orders in reasonable, reliable delivery times.

    Pipings and edgings are minutely cut to guarantee a perfect finishing.


To create the L/Uniform models, Jeanne Signoles takes inspiration from the utilitarian shapes of bags used for specific professions.

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    By choosing a woven canvas in linen and cotton– or 100% cotton for the khaki tone, the canvas still used by the army - L/Uniform has selected a light, resistant material and shows it off to full advantage. To be compatible with its function as a bag or accessory, the fabric is yarn-dyed and then coated by using a special process that respects Europe’s environmental protection standards. This coating – applied twice on the natural color – means that the canvases are washable, water-repellent and stainproof, yet retain their suppleness. As for the leathers – milled calfskin from Catalonia, Spain – they are dyed in the mass to avoid premature wear and guarantee color uniformity plus are treated using a “water droplets” technique to make them water-resistant.

    Whether they are made in canvas or leather, each model requires a set length of manufacturing time which also guarantees the bag’s sturdiness and durability.

  • The utilitarian soberness of the models is boosted by the color combinations and also by the opportunity to personalize any bag with a silkscreened monogram that can be cleaned (with soap and water) and replaced if it is erased or damaged over time.

    All models can be personalized with a silkscreened monogram (up to three characters, a choice of eight colors) in a procedure that guarantees the motif’s intensity and opacity.

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