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In order to breathe and activate your deep muscles, you need to be comfortably set on a mat made of natural materials. This is why L/UNIFORM has designed a large mat, made of natural rubber and covered with cork. You can customize it with your initials and carry it by its cotton strap. It’ll get you far ahead on your way to bliss.

This yoga mat is a return to the basics with natural and sustainable materials. There are perfect to accompany your daily yoga sessions.Cork? A material with antimicrobial and water resistant properties: perfect for dynamic practices.The bottom of the mat, in natural rubber, is nonslip.

You can make it unique by adding a Several character or multicolor stamping, or a XXL stamping

YOGA MAT : 71.047" L X 24.015 W X 0.118" H - 4.739LB

YOGA MAT : L183 X W 61 X H 0.3 CM - 2,15 KG

Cotton and linen canvas 

Natural canvas : cotton 63% - linen : 37%

Quadrille canvas : cotton 63% - linen : 37% - linen thread dyed in navy


Coated on both sides

Army khaki woven canvas

100% cotton


Coated on reverse side

Woven canvas yellow, black, red, navy - 100% cotton


Coated on reverse side

Blue woven canvas

100% Cotton

No treatment or coating

Natural woven canvas in linen and cotton

Cotton : 45% - Linen : 55%

No treatment or coating

Full grain calf leather dyed in the mass - smooth grain

Origin Spain



Putting together a bag, using a braid, assembling piping, placing a monogram: each of these steps makes for a series of precise gestures, and this precision is vital. Rigorous quality control will then check out each article, according to a set of precise and demanding specifications.

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This canvas is made of linen and cotton, or just cotton depending on the shade. It is light, supple and resistant, while being also washable, water-repellent and anti-staining thanks to treatments that respect the environment. The leather is full-grain calf skin, which has been dye-injected to guarantee the uniformity of its colour, then “water-drop” treated to increase its impermeability.

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The entirety of our range has been devised in Carcassonne, in the production site’s workshops, by highly qualified craftspeople. Trained by L/Uniform, they mean that demanding practices and knowhows can live on. The articles are then made in our own workshops, in Europe: a rigorous and perfectly coordinated production site means being able to check and master the production of series as well as special orders, within realistic and controllable deadlines. The final verification of our articles is undertaken in Carcassonne.

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