the new quadrille
with black trimmings

A step sideways: that is what L/UNIFORM is taking today with Quadrille canvas by subtilty bringing together two colours.
Natural beige cotton thread and navy-blue linen thread stitched together into a tiny, checked pattern, heightened by the black of the cotton braids and leather handles.

Whatever the bag or accessory, Quadrille turns out to be just as solid, supple and light as the original natural canvas. Thus proving that you need to change everything so that nothing changes.


This new exclusive canvas specially developed by L/UNIFORM, reveals a pattern sublimated by the navy blue dyeing of the linen thread, highlighting a light relief that gives it all its character. Quadrille canvas has several quality properties: the dye gives it solidity and resistance, and as well a good holding power. It is also treated and coated to be water and stain repellent,
like other L/UNIFORM canvasses.

personalize it

While playing on the name of L/UNIFORM, this subtle geometry unfolds elegance of every sort: a sober monogram for a decidedly timeless look, a coloured patch to conquer your world (or neighbourhood),
with a multi-coloured or XXL monogram to reinvent yourself.