The foldable bag N°72

Longer lasting than a tote-bag, and without wanting to sound snobbish, infinitely more elegant, the foldable bag No.72 is the perfect multi-usage, indispensable, useful bag. In a word it's essential. The foldable Bag No.72 is made of supple cotton and linen canvas, thus it can be folded in a jiffy and be slipped in under four seconds inside its (beautiful) linen slipcover. It is provided with a removable bottom and a flat inside pocket; its handle, made of cotton strap and covered in leather, enables you to carry it by hand or on the shoulder.


Perfect finishing, a large compartment, an inside pocket: I can fit everything into my Foldable Bag. To suit everyday life, the Foldable Bag N°72 is formatted 48x21x32cm while weighing in at 813,3 grams.


A bag just like you: that is what L/UNIFORM is offering you with its range of bright, clear colours for its canvas and handles. Everyone can bring them together as they wish and pursue their own little creations by customizing them with a few letters, a number, a symbol or an emblem.


Putting your things away is a learning curve. What about the tools? The bags, cases, sleeves and pouches from L/UNIFORM.


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