Manufacturing on a human scale is one of the principles of L/Uniform.



Woven canvas and leather: these two materials are the basis of L/Uniform, a manufacture founded on the desire to make simple and beautiful, useful and solid. The collections include ultra-functional versions of the bag, from schoolbags to backpacks, including cases, pouches, travel bags, saddlebags and shopping bags. They are available in different colours, the fruit of Jeanne Signoles' personal research. Prussian blue, for example, is preferred to navy blue.

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Each part is controlled according to precise specifications that include the quality criteria specific to each model.

Essential, light and practical, these timeless timeless items allow themselves a fantasy: colours. The colours of the canvas and leather and, what's more, the colours of the straps and handles. Combined, they form a multitude of models. While a large number of models are included in the catalogue, any unusual combination can be ordered separately.

L/Uniform designs and manufactures its collections in its workshops, mainly in France, Carcassonne and Portugal. From design to assembly to finishing and packaging, each stage of the production line is carried out by highly qualified craftsmen, trained within L/Uniform. A production tool, rigorous and perfectly coordinated, allows to pilot and control the manufacturing of series as well as special orders within realistic and controlled deadlines.

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Gandles and borders are carefully cut to ensure a perfect finish.

To create the L/Uniform models, Jeanne Signoles draws inspiration from utilitarian or professional forms.



By opting for linen and cotton woven canvas - and 100% cotton for the khaki canvas, the one still used by the army today - L/Uniform has chosen a light and resistant material, to which it gives back its letters of nobility. Thus, in order to be compatible with the manufacture of a bag or an accessory, the fabric is dyed "through" and then given a special treatment that respects European environmental protection standards. Through a coating process - double for the natural colour - all the fabrics are made washable, water-repellent and stain-resistant, while preserving their suppleness. As for the leathers - a drummed calf of Catalan origin - they are dyed in the mass in order to avoid premature wear and tear and to guarantee the uniformity of the colour, and treated "with a drop of water" to make them water-resistant .

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Whether in canvas or leather, each model requires an incompressible manufacturing time, a guarantee of its longevity.

The utilitarian sobriety of the models is overturned by the combination of colours but also by the possibility of personalizing them by printing a monogram in screen printing. This pattern can be cleaned (with soap and water) and, if it has faded or damaged over time, replaced.

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Any model can be personalised by silk-screen printing (up to three characters available in eight colours), a process that guarantees the intensity and opacity of the print.