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L/UNIFORM’s cushion cover is a celebration of comfort in and of itself. It is made of woven canvas trimmed with cotton and has a zipper. You can get one, or two, or more, as it can be fully customized : 26 cushions, each bearing an extra large letter could help you learn the alphabet, for instance… And why not?

You can make it unique by adding a Several character or multicolor stamping, or a XXL stamping.

L 45 X W 45 CM - 635 GR

17.716" L X 17.716" W - 1,399 LB

Cotton and linen canvas 

Natural canvas : cotton 63% - linen : 37%

Quadrille canvas : cotton 63% - linen : 37% - linen thread dyed in navy


Coated on both sides

Army khaki woven canvas

100% cotton


Coated on reverse side

Woven canvas yellow, black, red, navy - 100% cotton


Coated on reverse side

Blue woven canvas

100% Cotton

No treatment or coating

Natural woven canvas in linen and cotton

Cotton : 45% - Linen : 55%

No treatment or coating

Full grain calf leather dyed in the mass - smooth grain

Origin Spain

For the upkeep of your items we advise you to clean the canvas with a crepe eraser and a lint roller.
For persistent stains we recommend using a natural soap such as "Le Détachant" with a soft brush.

Our leather products (small leather goods and products with leather trimmings) must be kept away from moisture and any source of heat. Use a soft, clean and dry rag to clean them. If necessary, use a special natural milk colorless leather for nourishing it.

Find here all our care instructions.

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