Lauren Rubinski is teaming up with L’uniform for a limited series of pieces that invite dreams, travel and the idea of rediscovered freedom.

For this occasion, immerse yourself in the funny and colorful world of Lauren Rubinski through a unique personalization associated with our famous L/UNIFORM essential.

Lauren Rubinski is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris.

Since 2008, Lauren has been creating precious jewelry with a daring wear.

Inspired by a strong family tradition and the many women surrounding her, in 2019 she launched an eponymous collection of gold chains that are both raw and sensual.

« At the same time, the young woman with a thousand ideas sells playful creations with infinite customization possibilities through her “Love Beads” distribution line.

I discovered L’uniform and its 1001 customization options 3 years ago.

I immediately loved the materials, the colors and the endless possibilities that the brand offers.

I like the idea of ​​having unique pieces.

My collaboration is a nod to my personality, to my fun and colorful world, but also to the freedom which for me is the ultimate luxury.

Freedom of style, movement, color associations, freedom to live free from rules. »

You can find the whole universe of L/UNIFORM in our catalog.