• materials

    All of L/Uniform’s models go through a tried and tested production process. The canvas and leather are carefully selected; the piping and closing systems, chosen for their solidity and design, merge together into trimmings that eliminate glue and favour stitching: they then form perfect highlights outside the bag in piping. Thus, the interior is perfectly smooth.

  • khaki canvas

    Still in use in the army thanks its many qualities, this 100% cotton canvas uses carded fibres. They are short, formed from initial raw material (thus without any chemical treatment) and particularly solid. They are then woven tightly so as to stand up against any deformation or tearing.
    As a result, the dye does not penetrate the fabric fully, which explains why sometimes white threads can appear on the inside.
    Of the hundreds of shades of khaki, L/Uniform has chosen US 1945, which was launched in 1945 for the production of canvas sheets and army tents. But while the army treated this raw canvas with a paraffin-based coating to make it waterproof and rigid, L/Uniform has used a special treatment, conceived for bags and baggage.

  • woven canvas

    This woven canvas brings together cotton (63%) and linen (37%) so as to guarantee solidity, lightness and flexibility.
    The threads are woven then washed. The canvas is then shaved – so as to obtain a virtually smooth surface – then deep-dyed black or navy-blue. On the exterior, a fluoridated resin treatment is then applied to make it waterproof, while conserving its matt appearance; meanwhile, the inside receives a special back-coating to make it easier to clean. The beige canvas, however, is not dyed and so keeps its natural colour. Its two sides are treated with a coating to guarantee their impermeability and ease of cleaning.

  • leather

    The leather of the piping, straps and leather articles is smooth, while the leather of the bags is a full-grain vealskin, especially conceived and perfected for L/Uniform.
    Made and tanned in Catalonia, this leather comes from a tannery founded in 1864 which, to maintain the highest quality, works in partnership with breeders who respect animals and their conditions of life.
    The natural grain of this leather comes from dry-fulling, an age-old technique providing a natural appearance and genuine suppleness. It is then deep-dyed, so that the pigments introduced into the heart of the leather prevent premature wear and guarantee an even colour. Finally, a special treatment makes this leather water-resistant.

  • Woven canvas and leather : these two materials are the base of L/Uniform, a Carcassonne manufacturer whose desire is to make simple, beautiful, utilitarian, sturdy pieces. The bag collection’s ultra-functional models range from satchel to knapsack in passing by a toiletry bag, clutch, travel bag, saddle bag and tote bag.

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