And because everyone is free to invent their bag, L/UNIFORM allows you to personalize it. How?

By printing on the canvas an ultimate detail; a monogram or initials. It’s up to you; choose from one to three characters (letters and/or numbers), then select one of L/UNIFORM bright colors. They will be printed on your articles in our Manufactory located in Carcassonne or in our shop.

On the canvas; characters will be printed in silkscreen printing. This technique guarantees the permanency, intensity, and opacity of the printing Colors available; black, navy, depp blue, sky blue, kaki, red, carmine red, light pink, dark pink, yellow, white, burgundy, orange, fluo yellow, fluo pink, gold, silver or gray. 

On a small leather good; characters are hot stamped by an exclusive process designed by L/UNIFORM. This technique allows to durably fix any of L/UNIFORM colors, and to choose the way characters will be displayed on your small leather good. Colors available; black, navy, sky blue, kaki, red, pink, yellow, white, grey, carmine red, burgundy, dark green, light green, brown, fuchsia, silver, gold, shiny, or neutral.

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