Upkeep of the canvas should be carried out regularly by dusting it down with a soft rag. Do not allow any stains to dry and become incrusted. If necessary, rinse under slow-running, pure water, at 20°C, without any chemical products. Otherwise, use household soap flakes, free of any wetting agent, and a soft rag, then rinse abundantly under pure, slow-running water. The use of high-pressure cleaners or chemical products is prohibited. Dry before folding. The guarantee is automatically cancelled after any upkeep or storage not in accordance with these recommendations.


Your article can be personalized with a silkscreen-printed monogram. This technique guarantees not only a permanent, intense color but also good opacity. However, sometimes the monogram may detach since the canvas has been treated manually. If this happens, we can redo it for you without any problam. It can be carefully cleaned with soap and water using a soft cloth. Avoid rinsing it under running water.


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